Shopping Online With Care

Shopping Online With Care

Shopping online is becoming an everyday part of people’s lives. Millions upon millions of us now use the internet as a matter of course, and why not, that is what it’s there for.

It might be easy, in becoming complacent about online shopping, to overlook the need for a few simple and easy checks to make sure that all that we do in cyber space is kept safe and sound.

You may think that cyber-criminals would not be interested in your online shopping, but remember it is a channel for financial transaction, that is to say, if you’re shopping online, then you have money, therefore you are a viable target for the computer based criminal classes.

Number one is to keep malware and viral infections at bay, not only from your Continue reading Shopping Online With Care


Take A Look At Apprenticeships

The idea of further education to some young people is like a holy grail, seeing university as the goal through which school is a pathway. To some, it is simply a natural progression of education, the very reason for going to school in the first place.

The thirst for knowledge, or perhaps a longing to get away from home, a part of growing up and showing independence all come these days with a hefty price tag.

Loans for education, accommodation, and living allowances, will, in most circumstances have to be repaid, meaning that post graduates leave university with debts that can be in the region of £40.000. Serious stuff.

There are, in contrast, those who feel that academic life has no further interest for them. It could be important to start earning a Continue reading Apprenticeships

UK Road Construction

Road Construction in the UK

Roads in the UK have been around for a long time. Tracks that go back into pre-history can still be seen, as can lengths of the superbly built Roman roads, from nearly 2,000 years ago. Road construction has moved on however…

The well constructed roads of both Telford and McAdam in the 18th century are the basis of many of today’s roads, yet it is an almost unbelievable concept that only two generations ago, in the late 19th century, what road were being built for.

Motorways aside, almost all of the established routes Continue reading UK Road Construction

Motoring Solicitors & Why You Should Have One

Why Use Motoring Solicitors?

This is of course a valid question, firstly, why can’t you just save money and defend yourself? Secondly, a solicitor is a solicitor is a solicitor…… surely our family solicitor will do just as good a job for me won’t he?

Well, yes and no….. you can defend yourself if the need arises, you can read up (online no doubt) about how a smartarse celibrity lawyer managed to get one of the wealthy clients off such and such, but when you come to use that argument yourself, you may soon find that Continue reading Motoring Solicitors & Why You Should Have One