Motoring Solicitors & Why You Should Have One

Why Use Motoring Solicitors?

This is of course a valid question, firstly, why can’t you just save money and defend yourself? Secondly, a solicitor is a solicitor is a solicitor…… surely our family solicitor will do just as good a job for me won’t he?

Well, yes and no….. you can defend yourself if the need arises, you can read up (online no doubt) about how a smartarse celibrity lawyer managed to get one of the wealthy clients off such and such, but when you come to use that argument yourself, you may soon find that you run into problems.

The biggest issue is that many so called loopholes that may have once existed, are usually slammed shut by the time that they become common knowledge and are touted online.

The second is that in most of these famous cases, there are other mitigating factors that tend not to be included in the story, leaving you without all the pieces of the jigsaw.

Family Solicitors

Just because your family solicitor did a good job when you bought your last home, it doesn’t mean that they are up to speed with motoring law.

As in most professions, there are experts in different fields. In much the same way that you wouldn’t necessarily want the country’s leading proctologist performing your cataract operation, asking a general practice solicitor to be successful defending complex motoring law is often asking too much.

By the time your local chap has got up to speed on the latest nuances of road traffic legislation, your bill for his time will vastly outweigh that of a leading specialist.

Motor Law Specialists

The advantage that a specialist in any field has is that they have an intricate knowledge of their chosen niche. Motoring law is no different and a lawyer with an in depth, day in, day out understanding of not only the law, but how courts and magistrates interpret that law will improve your odds of receiving a good result.

If your driving licence is at stake and you stand the chance of being banned from driving for totting up the it’s a huge gamble to put your trust in motoring solicitors who aren’t handling motoring law offences day in day out.

Once you have made the decision to use a niche motoring solicitor, the next question is how do you choose between them? How can you tell the successful from the mediocre? Who will get you the best result and defend your driving licence successfully for you?

It’s important for you to take a good look at each road traffic lawyer that you have in your shortlist. Good ones that get results won’t be shy about publishing testimonials, and success rates for the drivers that they represent.driving solicitors

There is strength in a crowd and if lots of other motorists are happy with the results that they got, you can be fairly confident that you will get a good outcome too.

Most motoring solicitors have a range of fixed fees to defend different types of motoring offences. This not only limits your costs, but allows you to budget for the cost of defending yourself without those costs running away from you.